Thursday, July 12, 2012


I had been neglecting my sketching and drawing lately, so am trying to rectify that. I do sketch most days, but not of scenes that I seek out.  My sketches are more utilitarian, sort of like taking vitamins.  You do it because you know its good for you.  I bought a lovely little hard cover sketchbook in Ottawa last month, one that fits nicely into a bag or purse without you noticing much that its there.   I've pulled it out over the last couple of weeks and sketched various subjects.  Sometimes I only have a few minutes and just get basic shapes down, other times I have longer and can work more on shading.

Today was beautifully warm and the water was calling me.  This boat, tied to a wharf fit the bill.  I spent perhaps an hour on this in total.  Thirty minutes wharfside and the rest filled in at home.  I'm still deciding whether or not to add a little colour to it.

This was the view of part of the garden at the rear of the house on Canada Day.  I sat in the gazebo and sketched part of the back of the house and shrubbery leading off to the woods.   I added a wash of colour to it after the initial sketch to provide a bit more interest. I would like to do more sketching outdoors and I  hope to get out this weekend.  Its a great way to capture some ideas for new paintings and drawing from life always is more fun, especially if you have people stopping by to see what you're doing.

I have an advantage of not having to go far to see pretty much any range of subject from water, trees, buildings, flowers, animals, fields, etc., etc.  One of the benefits from living in the middle of the woods!


Sue Pownall said...

It's nice to see inside your sketchbook.

I've just got mine out but it's drizzling so I'm going to do the view through the window :)

Have a good weekend.

Vicki Holdwick said...

Lovely,especially the boat, but I also really like the hint of color in the two page spread.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

i don't sketch as much as I should, i was sketching everyday when i was at college and once it starts again will probably go back to sketching, but i'm taking a break i guess :p

i like the boat black and white, colour might be distracting

Jeanette said...

I love peeping into other people's sketchbooks too Sue.

A little rain gives a different perspective on the view.

Thanks Vicki. Sometimes colour can be beneficial, sometimes it detracts from the image, its all a judgement call. I think the pure black and white is more dramatic.

No breaks allowed Jen! :) I like this small 3 x 5 sketchbook as I can create something without too much time and effort and still get results.