Friday, September 07, 2012


 5 x 7     oil

Goldie, such an unimaginative name for a goldfish, isn't it?  I wonder how many fish in the world are called that by small children. Funny, how a colour inspires a name. I'm still in fish mode, but working on this small goldfish painting.  This is a challenge with the scales and colours of reflected light, that irridescence is hard to capture along with the shadow.   Also, it really is being difficult to photograph and/or adjust colours to read as they should.

But not to worry, I'll conquer it eventually.  I'm spending too much time on this little piece but I'm like a dog with a bone, I HAVE to do it correctly or it will bug me forever.  So hopefully, this weekend, all the fish pieces will be complete.

Tomorrow I'm teaching a workshop in creativity and use of multimedia so I need to spend tonight packing up the materials I need.  Its always chore, this packing and unpacking, isn't it?  Paint and palettes and canvasses and paper and brushes and, and, and...but worth it in the end as the workshops are such fun.  And after tomorrow I can share the full multimedia painting I showed you awhile ago as well as more that people did at the workshop.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

i would love to do a workshop one day for coloured pencil, but it would be trying to think up something that wouldn't take weeks :p

your fish shines and shimmers :D i've known a few kids that just name their goldfish yellow :p

Sergio DS said...

Preciosa pintura, se le ve vivo, parece que vaya a salir del acuario.

Jeanette said...

Do mean teach or participate in one Jen? I guess time depends on the size of the piece and the complexity doesn't it? Most cp workshops do tend to be over several weeks or at least an intensive week of days.

muchas gracias, estoy siempre atrajo de nuevo a los peces y el agua

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

would love to teach one, but not a lot of people in the area use cps :/

Christiane Kingsley said...

Goldie is really looking terrific. I love your delicate touch on this one!

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Your Goldie is gorgeous! So delicately painted. The shine on the scales is perfect.
When we had fish they were called Elwood, Fish Moneypenny (always had to be said in a Sean Connery voice), Bootsy and Ella Fish Gerald. (Bootsy was the diva!)

Jeanette said...

I think you might be surprised how many 'closet' cp people there may be. Why not try offering one, a 'learn how' and see what response you get?

Thanks Christiane, a few more glazes to tone down areas and it should look more unified.

Lisa, that sheen on the scales is so elusive to capture in paid and the camera seems to change all the colours, even after I've edited. I may take it outdoors today and get a better photo.

Funny the names that we bestow on pets, fish or otherwise. I used to have lots of fish years ago when I lived in the UK, both tropical and koi in a pond in the garden. Herons used to think I got them especially for them!