Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween sweetness

Happy Halloween!

I hope your day and night are filled with fun and treats and nothing too scary comes your way.  This cupcake was one from a wedding that my daughter went to on Sunday.  The theme was Halloween, of course, being so close to the event.  Perhaps there's a painting in there eventually.

And a quick reminder that the Wish Kid's fundraiser concert and silent art auction is tomorrow!   Ahhh, am I ready??  I hope so.  If you're in the St. John's area, pick up a ticket for the concert or just come along to the art auction and place a bid.  I'd love to meet you there, along with the other members of Arts Northeast!


Katherine Thomas said...

Yum! That's a very tantalizing photo! Best wishes on the auction, you'll have fun!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

going to have to go get a cupake now lol

good luck at the auction