Saturday, November 24, 2012

Heat Wave WIP

One of the interesting parts of being an artist is how your craft evolves with you over time.  When I was in art classes and learning, I was led down traditional paths with an emphasis on drawing. 

Since then I've moved from the tighter realm of realism into a more abstract feel at times and I have to say that its something I enjoy doing.  I still fall easily back into the soft armchair of drawing as it was, and likely will always be, my first love.  I am grateful for the years of drawing that I did as it gives me a solid ability to structure the underside of a painting.  I am also ceaseless in promoting drawing as an essential tool for any artist in any medium.

Water is also one of my more current mainstays although I stray into other subjects as the mood or commission takes me.  When I was in PEI this past summer and walking the soft red sand on the beaches I took lots of photos and always was interested in how the red showed through in the clear, warm water.

Another wave called me and this time it had to be red.   This still contains all the traditional underpinnings of any painting, I've simply changed out the colours and bumped them up, letting the warmth show through with intense pigment saturation.  I toned the canvas with a cadmium red/cadmium orange mix and am letting it show through the paint layers.  The undercoat helps give warmth to the painting and is a good surface to see the colours against.

This may take a couple of weeks to complete depending on how much time I have, but I'll keep working away at it and show you the results.  This is on 12 x 24" gallery canvas.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

love the colours :D

the teachers at college actually don't want me to do the traditional when it comes to art, they prefer the really loose and abstract stuff, and i find it ver hard to abstract all the time :p

Jeanette said...

thanks Jen

So many art schools now have removed a lot of the traditional techniques and drawing as well, going for contemporary art and 'not restricting' the students.

The results often show for themselves. You can draw so you have the bones down already.

Sue Pownall said...

This is lovely already.

I did life drawing at my 1st college and then when i moved to specialise in graphics I was frequently told by my peers that they were jealous of my drawing skills, as htey hadn't had those classes. That was 20+ years ago... time for a change and bring it back. Afterall it's the backbone of everything.

Katherine Thomas said...

I like what you said about the way our art evolves over time. It's a reflection of who we are, if we let it have free reign. The hardest thing, though, is staying true to your own motivations about what you want to create, and not let others' influence your art too much. I love your heat wave, it's very expressive and tells a strong story, but leaves the story open to the viewer's interpretation. And I might interpret it differently on different days.... Very nicely done!

Jeanette said...

Thanks Sue and I agree completely about the drawing skills. So valuable.

The evolution helps build our style I believe Katherine and even though we change mediums or subjects, our style still comes through in application and overall feel.

The heat wave is coming along but I'm so pressed for time this past week its nuts. But when I'm in the studio, it really gives a sense of presence and warmth.

suzanneberry said...

jeanette, this painting is just incredible!!! i heard an audible "wow" from myself when i saw it! i absolutely LOVE the colors,the movement. it looks finished now, i can't wait to see what it evolves into. just amazing. one of my favorite of yours!! beautifully done! and such an inspiration to try something new.

and thank you for your lovely, thoughtful comments on my blog. i can't tell you how much i appreciate every single word. my online friends are a such a source of strength and warm caring, i really am so very fortunate to have met you. thank you again.

Jeanette said...

Wow, thanks Suz. I wondered about the colours, its a departure for me to play around with such different colours for water. So glad you like it so far. Its coming along slowly, I should have more this weekend I hope.

Its a small world and friends are friends, whether virtual or in real time, and the same support and care is there as if we were sitting across from each other I believe. Be well my friend.