Saturday, November 10, 2012

Will you be a Johnny today?

I think this phrase has been my mantra for the last month, perhaps two or three months, so I figured I may as well wear it on my phone!   Speaking of which, I have made a few pieces available as phone covers and other merchandise on Zazzle.  So if you want to sport a fish on your iPhone or as a new iPad cover, check out the options available at JobsonFineArt.  If you use the code STANDARDSHIP on orders over $39 up to November 11th, you'll get free shipping.

I'm revisiting how I market my art, brand myself and service my collectors, both past and future.  Each day this month, I've written down an idea on how to improve what I'm doing, how to find new markets for my paintings, how to make my work and my brand more appealing.  It can be little things that we consider inconsequential.  But often the littlest things are the ones which have the most impact on others and in our lives.

In the world of art and marketing there is a common denominator.  It is story telling.  That story telling is something that hooks people's memories, needs and inner thoughts.  The story, whether it rolls out before their eyes effortlessly or whether it comes from the viewer's own interpretation is what envelops a viewer and turns them into a buyer.  They want to have that piece of their dream as a tangible visual reminder of something that provides pleasure to them.

How do you create a story around  your art?  

You can describe the method of creation.  To some it is a magical concept, this creation of art.  Elaborate on the thought behind it as well as the technical process.  Provide views at various stages of completion.  Let the viewer peek over your shoulder in your studio either in photographs or a video clip.

You can write about the inspiration behind a painting.   What or who inspired it?  How did the piece evolve from an idea to a finished painting?  Include the viewer in the thought process that goes on in your head.  Encourage them to think like an artist and see like an artist.   If a piece is partially finished, ask for ideas for direction in terms of colour perhaps.  "should the boat here be red or green?"  Personal input helps create a stronger connection between the artist and the viewer.

One idea can change the world.   Watch the video below then tell me how will you change your world today.

Video from KarmaTube


Rose Welty said...

Wow, great video Jeanette. Thanks for sharing that.

Jeanette said...

Isn't it great Rose? It shows how little it takes to have impact in the world.

Sue Pownall said...

wow I have tears streaming down my face.