Saturday, February 23, 2013

Indiegogo project

I've taken the plunge and have launched an Indiegogo project to fund  my printmaking project Fishy Bits! in 2013.  Funding will help provide me with an entry level printing press as well as professional carving tools and supplies.

I'd be grateful if you could share this information with your networks.  The more people exposed to the message, the better chance I have of achieving my goal.  And of course, there are perks for contributions!  Contribution levels are available to suit every budget and if you can't contribute financially, sharing information on this project is as good as any contribution.  Facebook, Twitter, Google+, your blog, your website...anywhere!

Meanwhile, the March fish print has been carved and will be released on March 15th.  The January and February prints are completed and available from my website.  Happy fishing!


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

good luck with you project, hope you manage to reach your goal :)

Jeanette said...

Thanks Jen.

Clipping Path said...

Thank you so much . Excellent this project .