Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Sparrow - SOLD

sparrow sm
Sparrow - SOLD

I can’t seem to settle into a major painting since before Christmas and keep producing studies or small paintings.  I have ideas for larger pieces in my head and filling sketchbooks but they don’t seem to translate onto paper or canvas.  I must buckle down and just produce and not let myself get side tracked.

This little house sparrow was one of the side tracks.   5” x 7” on stretched canvas in acrylics. 
And some interesting facts about house sparrows:

1. In 1883, House Sparrows were legally protected in Texas. There was a law that disallowed the killing of any sparrow back then.
2. The House Sparrow first came to North America in 1851, when it was introduced to Brooklyn, New York. From there, the House Sparrow population quickly spread to the Rocky Mountains and on to the West Coast, mainly due to introductions in San Francisco, California and Salt Lake City, Utah.
3. Incubation of eggs takes just 11 days, and two weeks later the young will leave the nest.
4. Most pairs will try and raise at least two and often three broods a year.
5. Their adaptability can be gauged by the fact that they have been found living and breeding 2000ft underground in a coalmine; others have been recorded living their whole lives inside warehouses


Rose Welty said...

Oh, so it's not just me? Here I was feeling all guilty that I'm drawing everyday in a sketchbook and loving it. ;-) It is fun to try new things and ideas out - so much better done in a small format. Really like the sparrow Jeanette and the self-portrait over on FB, its fun to watch your mind play.

Jeanette said...

Perhaps its an epidemic brewing! I hope not. I need to produce stuff and stop messing around. Tonight I'll really concentrate (she says hopefully)

The sparrow is cute and I loved that roundish shape he has and the self portrait just evolved as they always do then the fish...well what can I say? lol

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

One of my favourites! You have captured the cheeky and bolshy little character perfectly. Getting side tracked can be very productive sometimes. Love it!

The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

Jeanette, this is one of my favorites. You've manage to capture something very special here. Wonderful.

Jeanette said...

Thanks Lisa. I love the round shape in these little birds. Great fun to paint. I may try a few more in the future.

Kim, thanks so much. I always love birds and their shapes and colours. Endlessly interesting to draw or paint.

Sue Pownall said...

Great little painting and interesting facts.

Hope you are painting now :)