Sunday, March 31, 2013

Airport Heads II

Quite often I have layovers or waits for flights in airports and love to people watch and sketch when I do.   This trip was no different and I captured a couple of "airport heads" in my sketchbook.

People are quite distracted or bored in airports so rarely notice me sketching them. I pile as many heads as I can on a page to get information down quickly and not waste time changing pages.  After all these are just sketches not complete drawings.

I find people sometimes do try to make sketches into complete drawings instead of simply captured expression, shape or colour shifts.  To me, it defeats the purpose.  I see my sketchbook rather like an incomplete camera, able to take the essence of something and put it on paper instead of trying for a highly detailed image.

This is the last sketch of the March Sketch a Day project.  I'll share my thoughts on the project in a separate post, then I'll be absent for a couple of weeks, while I take a trip west.   If you haven't checked out the sketching project, please do, its fascinating to see the work and style of other artists who joined in during the month.

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