Friday, March 29, 2013


I don't particularly enjoy flying.  Its tedious and I like to be the driver, not the passenger, when it comes to take off and landing or at least see where I'm going.

I was in Ottawa for a few days and on the way back today, there was a stopover  in Halifax.  I wasn't allowed to leave the plane and had been given a premium seat with a view direct into the cockpit.  All those buttons and gages...mind boggling and rather different from driving a car.

So between people coming and going in the limited time the door to the cockpit was open, I did a quick sketch of the co-pilot and part of his working environment.  If you think seats are tight on airplanes, these guys don't have it any easier I thought as I watched the pilot literally vault into his seat using an above head hand grip for guidance.  No way to do that gracefully, either in or out.

Just two more days left in the March Sketch a Day project!  Thanks so much to the artists who participated, it was great to see you join in and the diverse range of work that was produced.  I'll do a little synopsis of my thoughts on the whole project on April 1st.


Rose Welty said...

You got alot of information down in a few minutes here Jeanette! Can't believe there are just two days left, it's been really fun, thanks again for opening it up.

Jeanette said...

I kept wanting to ask the flight attendants to move out of way. :) So much of sketching is observing and memorizing. Its good practice to have time constraints, it makes me observe better.

I'm glad you enjoyed the March project Rose, so pleased you could find time to join in. Your sketches are always a pleasure to see.