Monday, March 18, 2013



Equality.  Whether size, shape, colour or sexual preference, are differences really strong enough to cause hurt over?

Others could compare all the differences but none of the similarities, make these two keep hiding in the confines of the sugar bowl forever.

“Once upon a time they was two girls," I say. "one girl had black skin, one girl had white."
Mae Mobley look up at me. She listening.
"Little colored girl say to little white girl, 'How come your skin be so pale?' White girl say, 'I don't know. How come your skin be so black? What you think that mean?'
"But neither one a them little girls knew. So little white girl say, 'Well, let's see. You got hair, I got hair.'"
I gives Mae Mobley a little tousle on her head.
"Little colored girl say 'I got a nose, you got a nose.'"
I gives her little snout a tweak. She got to reach up and do the same to me.
"Little white girl say, 'I got toes, you got toes.' And I do the little thing with her toes, but she can't get to mine cause I got my white work shoes on.
"'So we's the same. Just a different color', say that little colored girl. The little white girl she agreed and they was friends. The End."

Baby Girl just look at me. Law, that was a sorry story if I ever heard one. Wasn't even no plot to it. But Mae Mobley, she smile and say, "Tell it again.”

Kathryn Stockett, The Help


Jonathan "Blade" Manning said...

The only flaw in your logic is that the chocolate peeps DO taste better. Otherwise, you're right on. :)

Jeanette said...

Ha! I don't eat sugar, and am not a huge chocolate fan anyway, so can't comment. :)

RH Carpenter said...

Yes, time to get out the peeps. I know you wouldn't eat them for all the $ in the world, Jeanette, but you can definitely draw and paint them :) And they come in so many colors now! And thanks for the reminder - we're all in this together!

Jeanette said...

They are fun to draw and paint and you're right, I could never eat them. One, the sugar, two the texture...I hate marshmallow...yuckkkk

Sue Pownall said...

Lovely post Jeanette.

Jeanette said...

Thanks Sue