Sunday, April 14, 2013

Billie & Bunny

I've been travelling to see a new grand child and am compiling sketches and images of the adventure that I'll post during this week.

Right now I'm getting my sea legs again with a 3.5 hour time difference to adjust to again and back to work in the morning.

However, I thought I'd share a quick drawing that I did of a friend's dog, Billie. Its about 12 x 15 done in pastel.   Billie is a truly lovely dog, laid back, gentle and loves to fetch and and carry in true retriever fashion.  This became very apparent as everytime I walked in the door or entered a room she would greet me bearing "bunny", her favourite toy to play fetch with.  I started to call her "Billie & Bunny".

Billie was adopted and came from a French Canadian background, so only responds to commands in French.   After a few false starts, my brain cells recalled French enough to communicate with the dog.   "Donnez-moi le lapin, Billie."  Yeah right she thought, fight me for it first.  And so the game would repeat itself over and over.

Je t'aime Billie!


Katherine Thomas said...

Awww, Billy is adorable with the bunny! And congrats on the grandchild! I can't wait to see the drawings!

Jeanette said...

She is such a sweet dog Katherine, I could have easily taken her home with me.

When I get back to earth later this week I'll have more to share about the trip.

Candy said...

You captured her sweetness in your sketch! Very nice!

How lucky you are to have a new grandchild!

Jeanette said...

Thanks Candy, glad you enjoy it.

And es, nothing nicer than a new person to breathe life into life.