Saturday, May 25, 2013

Put yourself on the map

art studio google earth
If there is one thing that artists need to do is to be visible and accessible.  This means finding ways that people can access your information, your work and your studio, if you have one.

I have done a couple of things to help people locate me besides the usual blog and website, business cards and gallery representation.  I’ve added a couple of electronic markers that help collectors and artists find me locally and you may like to do the same
The first is by creating a place on Facebook that marks your studio location.  I know some people are hesitant to do this especially if their studio is also in their home.  However, if your art is your business, why wouldn’t you want people to know where it is located and “check in” when they visit?  You can add opening hours, contact information, website, etc.  And anyone using a smart phone, iPad or iPod can check in if its in their area.

My location is Jeanette Jobson Fine Art Studio which is located in Flatrock, NL  Here’s how you add your own studio location in Facebook.  Have fun!

Second, you can add your physical location visually through Google Earth or Google Maps or Street View.  I chose Google Earth View here as because I’m off a dirt road, my exact location is not shown visually, only to the end of the paved road, which you can see here.

Its very easy to do.  Download Google Earth and search for your location. Make sure you find your exact location as the program can be off a bit in marking a specific number of a house for instance.  When you have your location, add a new pin and label it with your studio name to mark the location.  This will show up on the map similar to mine at the top of this pos,t where my pin locates the driveway to the property.
art studio & ocean
You can use this on your website to help guide people to your studio.  As you can see I live in the woods pretty much, with 16.5 acres of land around me, my buffer zone to the world.  Just to give you the relationship between my location and the Atlantic Ocean, I’ve included this image, zoomed out, to show the distance.  I am about 5 minutes from the ocean.  No wonder I like water so much!

I hope you’ll use these tools to get more exposure and encourage access to your work as an artist.
And for the curious or alarmists who are wary of putting information out there and attracting the wrong people.  I have a very good alarm and recording system in the rare times there is no one at home.

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