Sunday, June 23, 2013


 Cadmium red and Haemoglobin on the palette

I do get asked what colours I use in my paintings, as turquoises and oranges consistently play a role in many of my pieces, especially those involving fish.  While I have quite a few tubes of paint in a variety of mediums, there are some that are staples that are consistently on my oil palette for aquatic scenes.

I don't have loyalty to a complete brand of paint as they all vary and when I find a colour I like, I stick with it, no matter what the brand.  However, I do like Daniel Smith paints for quality and price and of course, Old Holland are a dream, but so expensive, but if I had to choose a current favourite, it would be KAMA Pigments out of Montreal.  They have a distributor locally so that's a huge bonus for me as I have quick access if I run out of a colour.

So here's my water/boat/fish palette!

I've provided a single link to the oil paints on the Kama Pigments site where all their colours are listed.  This is a Canadian company based in Montreal with fabulous quality paint.  I just love them!

  • Kama Pigments - Haemoglobin
  • Kama Piegments - Indigo Blue
  • Kama Pigments - Cold Grey Deep
  • Kama Pigments - Light Turquoise
  • Kama Pigments - Azur Blue
  • Kama Pigments - Spanish Gold Ochre
  • Kama Pigments - Simms Violet

Again, a single link to Daniel Smith's oil paint page.  They have a huge variety of paints and colours available.  I haven't been disappointed in the quality yet.
  • Daniel Smith - Cobalt Teal Blue
  • Daniel Smith - Manganese Blue
  • Winsor & Newton - Ultramarine Violet
  • Daniel Smith - Moonglow
  • Daniel Smith or Winsor & Newton - Cadmium Orange
  • Daniel Smith - Cadmium Red
  • Daniel Smith - Cadmium Yellow Light

Transparency is important to me if I'm using glazing, adding layer after layer to a painting.  This information can often be found on the back of the paint tube, or if not, on the paint manufacturer's website.  A square that is clear, half filled or solid indicates the level of transparency or opacity of the paint.  For glazing, transparent colours are the only ones that work well or your risk obliterating everything you just painted with a solid colour.

Next time, I'll share my choices of supports.

Straight Sailing

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suzanneberry said...

thanks so much for sharing all of this! wonderful!

also, the palette as pictured would make an astounding abstract!!! it drew me in immediately.

Jeanette said...

I enjoy seeing what supplies other artists use so figure it was time I did the same.

Aren't piles of paint so lucious? They are very abstract and I always have the urge to lick them (but haven't:))

Sue Pownall said...

Not using oils I didn't know haemoglobin was a colour :)

I look forward to the finished painting.

Jeanette said...

There are some unique names for paints out there, aren't there? I love how dark a red this one is.