Saturday, June 08, 2013

Visual Connection

16 x 20"  mixed media 

While I don't believe that all paintings are tied up in emotion for the artist, there are some that are driven by thoughts and emotion and "Drowning" is one of those pieces. This painting almost painted itself, it was so intuitive at the time.  There was emotion behind it and I feel a connection to this piece.  Of course each person reads his own personal story into a painting.  The emotional connection, memory surge, or colour way evokes a response that 'speaks' to a person and urges them to have a piece near by to complete that personal connection to it.

So if I have a connection to it, how can I let it go?  The connection was in the creation and, like an old journal, one relinquishes the hold on emotion as time passes.  Now its time for someone else to make the connection.

On Sunday, June 9th, "Drowning" will be available for bids through Artbomb form 6am - 11pm EST.  I've made it available for a special price and would love to think it will go to an individual who feels a similar connection to this piece. No, I'm not getting all artsy fartsy with it, but I know that there is always a painting that you KNOW is yours.  The one you save as your desktop screen or the one in a gallery or museum that you visit over and over, examining every detail and weaving your own story around.

If this painting connects with you, I'd love to know how and why, if you care to share, either publicly or through email.  Meanwhile, if you'd like to have this piece on your wall, subscribe to Artbomb for a single daily email to your inbox of new Canadian art or have a look at their website and check out more about this and other original paintings available each day.


Christiane Kingsley said...

Another very beautiful piece, Jeanette. I especially like the composition.
I hope it does find a perfect home with the perfect owner!

Katherine Thomas said...

I love everything you've said in this post, and the artwork you've created! It's really stunning. I was saying, "Oooh, wow..." before I even clicked on it to see the bigger version and read the post! I can easily tell that deep feelings went into the creation of htis piece, but it also invites me, the viewer, to create my own story and connection to it. Congratulations! You are so write about a piece of artwork calling to just the right owner, too. I think this one will be found very quickly!

Jeanette said...

Thanks Christiane, I like creating texture within a painting and seeing where it goes from there.

Katherine, so glad you like it. I love hearing the connections others have with my work and how their interpretations vary.

Keep your fingers crossed it finds the right home!

shirley fachilla said...

I, too, hope "Drowning" found its home. And I so appreciate your words on emotion, meaning and connection between both the artist and his/her painting and that of subsequent viewers.
The emotional content isn't always there but when it is, its power can not be denied.

Jeanette said...

Shirley thanks so much for your comments. Drowning is still awaiting the right person to connect with. It will come.