Sunday, July 21, 2013


 Turmoil - SOLD
22" x 28" oil on canvas

I've been struggling with this painting for the past week or more, but have finally conquered it, though it was winning there for awhile.

Its easy to give up when a painting hasn't yet reached its turning point and we can't quite see the vision that was in our head forming in front of our eyes.  But so often,it just takes a bit more perserverence and a lot of observation and thinking of where to place key strokes that will bring it all together.

Yes, there is an intuitive point where you know the painting is beyond redemption and it is time to scrub and start over, but more often its a matter of pushing through and developing the sections that don't interest you as much to bring the cohesiveness of the elements together.

Abandonment is a trademark of many beginning artists who want instant results without struggle.  There is always struggle to produce something worthwhile, otherwise everyone would be an artist if it were simple.  Practice is the key.  Every day, no matter what.  The best advice I have heard was from Robert Genn"Go to your room." For six months or a year.  Simple but true.  Go to the space where you create art, be alone, and paint. Repeat daily.  Don't spend your time reading art books and taking workshops.  Yes, they may be interesting, but in the end only you can be responsible for what you produce, for developing your own style and that can only be done by putting in the time actually painting.

This jumble of koi at feeding time was challenging as I kept losing track of where I was in the painting and how to separate the fish but keep the flow going.  The saying for carpentry applies to painting as well.  Measure twice,cut once.  For art, observe likely many more times than twice and apply once.


Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Jeanette,
Very well said and oh, so true.

Christiane Kingsley said...

Jeanette, great post and great painting. Congratulations on your perseverance; it certainly paid off.

suzanneberry said...

Yes you certainly did conquer this and beautifully!! And I love your post! The only thing that has somewhat cured my impatience and need for instant gratification is going in every day and appreciating the process and finally enjoying the "building"! Great advice and incredible work!

Jeanette Jobson said...

Hi Gary, we've all been there and have learned that there is only one way down the road.

Thanks Christiane. I'm hoping I don't see too many tweaks in it!

Suz, thanks so much. We all have a degree of impatience in painting, I know I do. I have learned that, as you said, understanding the process and appreciating that the puzzles its creates is part of the appeal on the way to the end result.

Jennifer Rose said...

lots of energy to this :)

i need to paint more, put down the pencils and pick up a brush. its what is really lacking in my portfolio, must find the time to do it