Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Save the date!

It seems as if I've set up my universe to all come together on December 1st.  Its the day that my seasonal offerings will be available from my website, including small paintings, reproductions and cards and it is the day also that my new ebook will launched.

December 1st is when my 2014 workshop list will be posted too.  Oh, and there are commissions of people and animals and my own art production and a couple more workshops to deliver.   Sleep and socialization is a thing of the past til mid December.

But I'm not complaining, its all great fun and I enjoy it immensely.

Here's a short promo for the ebook, enjoy and subscribe to my YouTube channel to find other technique tutorial videos that may be useful to you.

1 comment:

suzanneberry said...

WONDERFUL!!! i will definitely need this! can't wait to see it! love the promo and music!!!