Monday, January 27, 2014

Boogie boarding

 No, I haven't taken up surfing, just added a tool to my sketching arsenal. 

The Boogie Board is an LCD writing tablet measuring 8.5".  Its a paperless way to sketch, lightweight, portable and an easy way to capture ideas.  I can't save images or words on it, but can photograph them.  I think there is a newer version of this board out that has wifi capability but for quick sketches, this works well for me. 

I have so many sketchpads and odd bits of paper lying around the house, this becomes one more way to draw.  I can use a finger or the stylus that's included.  With a press of a button the screen erases and I can start over again. 

Here's a quick sketch of a puzzled looking dog done in about 10 minutes to give an idea of what drawing looks like on this device.


RH Carpenter said...

How interesting. I never heard of this tool, but will have to check it out. Although, so far I've been anti- technology as far as drawing with an iPad app. Others use the apps so well, but I think it's not for me.

Jeanette Jobson said...

They're always inventing something new it seems. I've drawn with a tablet (I use Android and don't buy into the Apple dream) app and that's quite useful if I'm somewhere that hauling out a sketchbook might be too obtrusive.

This way people think I'm working. ;)