Tuesday, January 14, 2014

So, what do you do in the studio....?

11 x 7 pastel 

Its funny how the average non-art person thinks an artist is this creative soul who  hangs out in the studio, plays with paints then has someone buy the result. I wish it were that easy. I'd say that business and marketing likely take up 50%, sometimes more, of my  time in the studio.  Art is like any other business and time has to be devoted to the business or it starts to decline. 

I spread the admin over the week, assigning small chunks of each day to dealing with the business and marketing side.  If there's something more important happening, this daily work can take a back seat, but not for long.  The business and marketing side of art is time consuming and each take away from painting time but all contribute to the business of art. So what DO I do in the studio....?  Here's an idea of what goes on.

  • Financial management (sales, expenses, taxes, reporting, etc.)
  • Promotion for paintings, workshops, galleries, events
  • Answering email
  • Newsletter preparation
  • Workshop preparation (writing, filming, advertising, booking, managing, delivery)
  • Project and grant writing and management
  • Sales and shipping
  • Gallery exhibition planning and management
  • Networking in person and through and social media
  • Blog and website management and writing
  • Editing and managing online sales and reproductions
  • Photographing and editing images
  • Inventory management (art)
  • Inventory management (paint and supplies)
 After all that, there is production time.  The actual time where I get to do the fun part, the painting.  This is vital as it IS the business 'product' and must be nurtured as well as the administration around it for it to succeed.  Finding the balance between the two is important as they are the perfect marriage for success.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

i wish i had a list like that so i can show the people that think all i do is sit on my butt and draw all day and watch tv :p what actually goes on

Jeanette Jobson said...

Oh I think you do a lot more than you let on. :) Write it down, you'd be surprised.

theartistsday said...

Perhaps saying I run an art business instead of I am an artist might change peoples perception and stop some people thinking you're free for a chat at any time.

Jeanette Jobson said...

That just may be the answer Mary. Otherwise its true, people think you are available constantly. That or posting 'business hours' on your website and door. :)