Friday, March 21, 2014


 Three on Lace
9 x 12 oil on masonite

I'm in my ninth year of blogging.  I truly didn't think I would last two weeks,let alone pushing through the ninth year.  With statistics showing that many blogs dissolve into nothing within three months of inception, I must be long winded, obsessive or am going for a world record!

Its likely more of the first two that keep me typing to what seems like an empty box at times.  I originally started a blog to make myself accountable to produce art.  Its served that purpose and continues to be a niggling thought in the back of my head daily, whether I've posted here or not, that I must work on art and I must share my thoughts about it.  Whether there is audience or not is irrelevant.  Yes, of course, its good to have feedback, although I'm not a statistic hound and my blog has become similar to a personal art diary, with benefits of interaction with others from time to time.

There are other bloggers of similar vintage who produce wonderful work and words of wisdom.  Perhaps the long lasting bloggers should start a club to compare notes about blog aging. Blogging content and frequency has reduced over the last few years with the presence of social media and its effortless (or nearly) one button or 141 character method of expression.  While social media are very effective, I believe that blogging continues to be a draw for those people wanting to know the underpinnings and thoughts behind a comment or image.  Its rather like books, they'll never disappear even if electronic form and become the place where information and imagination reside.

Will I continue past the nine years and into ten?  Likely so.  If I've gone this far and still have something to say and someone takes something from it, its been a useful exercise.  Looking back over time there have been some popular posts and its interesting to look at them and remember the process, the event, the good and the bad.  Have a look at some of the popular posts in the list on the right side.  Is your favourite there?

Thanks for coming along for the ride, I hope you'll stay for the rest of the journey.  I like having your company.

PS  The painting above is a demo painting from a recent workshop I gave in palette knife painting.  Those who know me know that I find pears a bit boring as they are such a constant subject in paintings.  However, the simple shapes and composition makes them good for beginners to tackle.


Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Jeanette,
Congratulations on nine years blogging! Wow! Quite an achievement and I wonder how many thousands of artists you've helped, but were too shy to write a comment of thanks.
I just noticed your "Popular Posts". Now I know why I've had so many hits on your portrait lately! :)
I, for one, am thrilled that you plan on keeping up your blog. And let me avoid being one of those artists you've helped, but failed to say "thanks". So, many thanks for your sharing and caring.
Have a wonderful day tomorrow.
PS This Sunday, we "may" be going on the dolphin swim. I say "may", because the operators need at least four on the boat to go out and we're the first two. If two more folks don't sign-up, they'll reschedule us. I'll keep you posted and will, of course, make a post about the trip, whenever it happens.

theartistsday said...

Hi Jeanette
I've only come to your blog recently but have found it fascinating and useful.
Looking at your popular posts I landed on the one involving cats and was pleased to see your cat plays as big a part in your life as mine do.
Of course you'll get to 10 years. You're on a roll!

Ann said...

Yes, congratulations on 9 years and I am happy to see that you will continue with your blog. I've been at it 7 years and like you I never would have guessed I'd keep blogging that long. We share the same sentiment in that my blog is more for me, as a record of my artistic journey. The fact that others see and comment is just a wonderful bonus!

Jeanette Jobson said...

Gary, I'm sure there are those sitting in the shadows, reading and that's just fine, not everyone wants to pipe up or make an observation.

Isn't it amazing that our portrait swap gets so many hits? I have the portrait you did of me in my classroom studio and people comment on it all the time.

Ooh dolphins! Do pet them for me if you go on Sunday. Recently a school of dolphinss were trapped under ice in a bay on the southwest coast here and died, so tragic for such lovely creatures.

Here's to more blogging years for both of us!

Mary, animals seem to find a way to embed themselves in our lives don't they - and into our art too. No doubt mine will continue to appear as blog posts as I head into future in blogging.

You're right Ann, it seems to just go on without out need for feedback. Of course, the interaction from other artists is one of the best things there is about the whole blogging process.

debwardart said...

Congrats - keep up the good work!
I have found many of your posts helpful, even if I haven't always left a comment. I'm told that a lot of people visit my blog, even though they do not leave a comment. Just have faith that you are helping many more people than you will ever know.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

congrats on keeping a blog for 9 years!! :D bit of a mile stone now with all the quicker social media out there

I use my blog the same way, its great to get feedback and talk to people (and make friends), but I mostly use it like you wrote, as a personal art diary

Maggie said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! I'm very glad you've kept blogging. I enjoy reading your posts and I always learn something from them.

I still prefer the "old-fashioned" blog to all the quick social media (but then again, I still read print!). I like to have a cup of tea and read my favorite bloggers, find out what they're up to, see their art, maybe learn something from them. Blogs are communication, social media is like a voice mail. (Me? I think I'm at year 5 in my blogging journey.)