Sunday, May 04, 2014

Tide's Edge

 Tide's Edge
12" x 36"  oil on canvas
Available for purchase from my website

I really need to up my game as my promise of a minimum of two blog posts a week is not materializing consistently enough.  I will try harder.  Its not as if I don't have things to share, because I do.  Fitting in everything I want to do becomes the challenge.

This is my most recent painting, Tide's Edge.  I love long rectangular canvasses, they are such perfect shapes for waves and repetitive patterns.  Last week I drove to Pouch Cove, just the next little town on the coast, to purchase some canvasses and an easel from another artist who was leaving the country.  I came away with two easels, more canvasses, brushes, paint and  books, all in excess of my original expectations for my dollars.   Its pleasant when something like that happens, both in helping out another artist and of course overachieving expectations.  I am considering how to pay this forward for the future.  I believe when good things land in your lap, there is an obligation to do something similar for another person.  The form it takes varies, but it must happen.

I've been fighting technology to create a short video showing the process of creating this wave and software keeps crashing at crucial moments.  So until I conquer that process, here are a couple of progress shots of the piece for those interested to see how shapes and colours change and evolve in the creation process.


theartistsday said...

Hi Jeanette' Sounds as though you had a great trip up the coast. Love the painting. Also you have my sympathy, or is it empathy?, about writing blog posts. All of a sudden a week's vanished and nothing written about it. I get up in the morning and I want to paint, not write. Do you feel the same? Got to go now as have some writing to do, or should I do the washing up instead? No chance.

Jeanette Jobson said...

Oh Mary, how time flees and other things call. Yes I understand how painting trumps writing blog posts. But the writing and sharing becomes part of the art making too so I must make time to fit it in.

Housework? That sits well on the backburner or like today, when the dishwasher is full to the brim and so too the sink, forcing me to action before there isn't a dish or cup in the house to use!

Catherine Hex said...

Hy Jeanette! I love a lot your painting and I like long rectangular canvasses too.

Sue Pownall said...

Love the energy in this painting.