Saturday, June 07, 2014

Jewels of June

I'm happy to be part of a group exhibit at Peter Lewis Gallery.  I'm in very good company with five other artists, so it should be a visual treat for those attending.

I'll have some of my new boat paintings in this exhibition which is a preview for the series of paintings that I will complete this year for my grant project.  I'd love to meet you there and tell you more about the background of the paintings.

The opening is on Saturday June14th from 6:30 - 9:00pm and the exhibition will continue until July 5th.

I've just splashed out an obscene amount of money on supplies for my new series and even if it is grant money, it still makes my heart beat a little.  When I reach the point in a funded project where I start purchasing and planning, it turns into reality.  That reality turns into momentum and the closer the deadline creeps, the stronger the impetus.  I should have the project completed by the end of March 2015 and ready for exhibition in the spring of 2015.

Study for Pink Gin

I won't be sharing the paintings with you through my blog or website except through snippets here and there as I want to make a splash at the exhibition.  But it won't be silence and there will be lots more art and sketches to share along the way.


Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Jeanette,
Wow! Busy, busy, busy! Have a wonderful show and best of luck for lots of red dots.
I also wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading your take on the Zorn palette. It was my choice for my recent painting of Pat. I probably should have kept with it on Mike's portrait, but you know how it is...Sometimes we think we need certain colors and off we go. If I don't get Mike in satisfactory condition soon, it'll be back to it.
Have a restful Sunday and enjoy the show!!

Jeanette Jobson said...

Hi Gary,

Yes, its a bit crazy right now but it does this at the start of every summer and things crank up. Keeps me out of trouble. :)

I love the range of colours that can be used with the Zorn palette, but of course the one I did of you was far from Zorn ha!

We tweak and change as we go in painting and only you can know when it feels and looks like the was you envisioned it.

I've got a 24 x 48 commission on my easel. No rest on Sunday!