Friday, June 20, 2014



I've wanted to try a collage using torn paper as the medium for awhile.  There are some beautiful pieces from artists around the world and the process seems fairly straightforward.  I had some decorative papers in the studio as well as a handful of newspapers and the star of the show - a KitKat wrapper!

Armed with paper and a liquitex varnish medium I made a HUGE mess of tearing paper, gluing, peeling, layering and generally covering myself with a layer of paper and glue.  However, I quite enjoyed the process and will try it again.  Its very similar to painting with a palette knife. The colour goes down in blocks,  mixing on the surface is not possible (with the exception of layering tissue), and the overall look is impressionistic.

I used a prepainted canvas panel for the substrate.  The painting on it was  reject that was due for elimination, so it was a perfect candidate for my experimentation. And with the use of the red KitKat wrapper, the name just had to be Sweetwater...


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

the kitkat wrapper is a nice touch :)
and the zizag pattern on the paper works really well for water

Jeanette Jobson said... hit the hot red colour that I needed for the inside of the boat. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. :)

Its interesting and a bit weird ripping up bits of paper and matching shapes and values. Reminds me of being in kindergarten again!

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Love it! And I love that work can become play sometimes, makes you realise that this is the best job in the world.

...btw I think the kitkat wrapper was just right, good job you had one on hand ;o)

Jeanette Jobson said...

It is indeed Lisa. And one must always have an emergency kitkat bar on hand. Purely for artistic purposes of course...;)

Alex said...

This is so original and beautiful!!!


Love this collage Jeanette hope to see more ....congratulations on your grant boat sketches are super ...hope your collective exhibition was a success

Jeanette Jobson said...

Thanks so much Jane. The collage was fun to do and I'd like to free up some time to do more.

The boat project is underway and I'm still hunting down boats to paint. Traditional wooden boats are fast disappearing so they are more difficult to find.