Sunday, September 21, 2014


 Summer - SOLD
11 x 14  oil on masonite

A subject can be painted or drawn a dozen times, two dozen times and each time there is a new discovery in the process. Colour and value analysis shift with each new view.  Painting experience influences the approach and familiarity with the subject matter guides decision making.

This painting was the demo in yesterdays palette knife workshop on painting boats and water.  It was a subject that I had painted previously on a large scale (30" x 40") and long sold.  The simple shape lessens intimidation factors for those less experience, and the complex reflection shapes and colours gives a challenge for those with more painting time under their belt.

The next palette knife workshop will be held on December 6th and has a Christmas theme.  There is just one spot left right now so grab it quickly if you're interested.  All supplies are provides and lunch is thrown in as well, all for $150.  Registration is available online.


PaintedSouvenirs said...

I'm always amazed by knife painting. I think is one of the most interesting painting techniques.

Jeanette Jobson said...

It is very freeing, allowing the artist to concentrate on colour and light instead of tiny detail.

Paint Our Town - British Columbia said...

What a nice painting! I like it. See my painting campaign

Eva said...