Sunday, October 12, 2014

Insomnia series

 Blue Christmas  - SOLD
5" x 7"
oil on panel

When I can't sleep, there is no point in me staying in bed tossing and turning and fighting with the  thoughts in my head.  I get up after about 10 minutes of trying to sleep and head to the studio.  Doing something, anything is the only way to quiet my mind.

The disadvantage is that painting or drawing takes over and before you know it, the night has gone and sleep hasn't come.  Then I must either go to work or start the day. Sleep usually is not the option that ever wins, at least not until late in the day, as morning primes my spirit and soul.

During my restless nights, I work on large paintings or sometimes tackle little pieces like this one, done around 4am this morning.  I should call these the "Insomnia series".  Where the Christmas theme came from this morning I have no idea.  But it made itself known there in the wee hours.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

very shiny :D

its def. an artist thing to have insomnia :(

artbyrae said...

I really like this painting. I can sometimes be a late night painter too and where the ideas comes from is a mystery but always from a inner place I think. Happy late night

Jeanette Jobson said...

Jen, its likely a prelude for a Christmas workshop in December that I'm offering. Shiny is the order of the day. I wish sleep would sort itself out, but that's a big wish.

artbyrae, early mornings are usually my most productive time but once I wake, no matter what the time I can never get back to sleep. So studio time happens at all sorts of weird times.

Margaret Ryall said...

WE all have our solutions to wakefulness. I go through periods of it, but I can say I never get out of bed. My answer is reading on my ipad with the screen on black. It often lulls me back to sleep. I admire you for getting up knowing you have to work the next day.