Wednesday, January 21, 2015

3 in 5

I've been taking part in a Facebook challenge for the last five days of posting 3 paintings a day.  It floods the newsfeed with beautiful art and pushes the negative to the background.  It also exposes other artists and interactions that I would not have found otherwise.  The image above are the 15 paintings that I shared, with some of the full images below.  You can see all of the posts an like my artist page on Facebook to keep up with news and new paintings.

I thought I'd share a couple of the posts with you and encourage you to visit the Facebook pages of all the artists to see the wonderful work they create.

I was tagged by Sheila Arsenault Howell to post 3 paintings daily for 5 days. This is Day 2 My choice today is fish and my favourite to paint and draw are capelin. These little iridescent fish are so appealling to me and presented here three ways, charcoal, watercolour and oils.

I'm tagging Florence Pinhorn, one of my artist friends and one of the visiting artists at Peter Lewis Gallery to join in and share her work.

Capelin Study- Sold

Its Day 5 and the final day of posting 3 paintings in 5 days. Its been wonderful to see all the art displayed online. It flooded the senses with beautiful images and good feelings. Thank you to everyone who took part, from the initial challenge from Sheila Arsenault Howell to participants Elaine Juska Joseph, Florence Pinhorn, Ann Thompson Nemcosky, Christiane Kingsley

Today I am tagging Jerusalem artist Chanan Mazal to share his amazing work for the next five days.
It was difficult to make a choice of what to post, but I decided that waves were the theme. Who doesn't get fixated at the shore watching waves roll in? All these pieces are older ones and brushwork, not palette knife.

 Landwash - Sold


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

yeah its a lot better seeing all kinds of different art then the current news all over facebook :/

Jeanette Jobson said...

The news, while present and real becomes hard to think about sometimes. A break from reality is good.

RH Carpenter said...

Beauties, all, Jeanette! Your work with drawing media and painting media is just perfect! Facebook is really tempting me lately (I've never joined) because there is this challenge and the painting birds challenge and so much to see - but I've restrained myself so far. Can't spend all my time on the computer looking at others' art - should shut myself in my little art room and paint!! Thanks for sharing this. Have a good weekend.

Jo Castillo said...

Jeannette, these are great. Much better than the normal fb stuff. It has been fun to see what the different artists pick to share, but also time consuming. RH Carpenter, you are wise to stay away. Ha.

Sue Pownall said...

It was lovely to see your paintings in my FB feed and now to see them all together.