Monday, May 11, 2015

Artist block

 Bed Thief - charcoal in sketchbook

I am finally coming out of the fog that is lack of inspiration.  I know it happens to all artists and its happened to me before, but never for this long.

I keep sketching and browsing through art sites and galleries, but when I come into the studio - nothing encouraged me to pick up the paint or pencil and get at it. 

Life drawing
But in the last week or so, inspiration is creeping back and I've been painting a bit, as well as continuing to attend life drawing sessions and ideas are flowing again.  The well is filling.  Its a horrible feeling being almost paralyzing, wanting to paint, but your brain not letting you paint.   But the good news is that eventually it does come back.  Sometimes it takes awhile.

Tips for overcoming blocks

1. Don't force it.  There is absolutely nothing you can do to make inspiration come to you.
2. Play around with other mediums, sketch, draw, move things around, anything that keeps you in the studio and makes you receptive to inspiration.
3. Visit museums and art galleries.  Look at art that you wouldn't normally look at.  Try modern or abstract if you usually like representational.
4. Do something entirely different.  Knit, sew, embroidery, reading, walking and let that take over your concentration for awhile.
5. Eat chocolate.  Okay, that may not be true, but it helps.  So does wine.


shevaun said...

I love the Bed Thief. Hmmm, chocolate? I think that really must work... I must stock up!! Great tips too. I always make colour charts when I get blocked. At least I feel like I'm painting.

Jeanette Jobson said...

Great idea on the colour charts Shevaun. They can be a bit addictive at times too. :)

Gary L. Everest said...

I've got it! Start a barrel of wine!!
That's all I've got.

Jeanette Jobson said...

Ha Gary, you may have a point! It might change my whole outlook on painting!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

Glad the block seems to not be sticking around for a long time. I once went a whole year without drawing a thing, by the time I picked up a pencil my style had completely changed. If I get blocked now, I just go a play Skyrim and look at the pretty designs and kill things :p

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Oooh poor you. Block is horrible! Sometimes though I think it is the brain just forcing a rest on us. You've been very busy of late so enjoy the wine and chocolate and look forward to all the wonderful things that will come soon for I have no doubt that you will be flowing at full force again very soon.

suzanneberry said...

Your tips are so right on and so are these sketches! So glad the fog is lifting for you as well my friend! Gallery hopping is so good for me, even if it's only online.

And the wine is key!:0)

Thank you so much for your kind words, very much appreciated.

Paint, sketch on!!! We're back!!!

Jeanette Jobson said...

Jen, its still not 100% but I'm getting back to it and feel it building as I paint. Distraction does work, otherwise you go crazy!

Lisa, that may well be true. Rest is required and a change of scene so maybe after that series completion my body/mind told me to stop for a bit.

Suz, there's nothing worse is there than a block, especially when extended. We just have to wait it out, do other things, be inspired by other art and know that inspiration does return.

Here's to painting! Cheers.