Sunday, May 03, 2015

The benefits of pressure

I've been a bit in limbo for the last couple of weeks, trying to find something to inspire me and make me wake, anxious to get to the studio.  I think its finally breaking after some small paintings and a remake of an old piece. I still sketch each day whether I want to or not.  I believe part of the process is the process of just turning up and trying.

I've thought about what inspires me and what makes me produce and have come to the conclusion that it's pressure and deadlines.  I've just completed the work for my solo exhibition, framed, ready to go, done the marketing plan, made the book, created the postcard invitations.  Now what?  There's a slump at the end of any project even if this one isn't complete until after the exhibition and artist talk in June.

Now I need to refocus on the plans I set out in January, my "Closer to Home" plans for creating work based on familiar places and things.  But without a plan, a deadline and pressure to work towards it, its easy to get sidetracked and go down any number of rabbit holes that may or may not be related to art.

For now I'm getting ready to put some pieces in a seasonal gallery and also a new gallery on the west coast, but once that is delivered, I can flesh out my plan and set myself some goals to move ahead with.


Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Jeanette,
Yup. I noticed. You had me with the Bird of Paradise! :))
In case you were wondering if I'm still alive, the answer is most definitely.
I enjoyed this post, as it shows insight into the antithesis of my way. Your exceptional work ethic, drive to succeed and doing things that must be done despite how you may feel are all impressive.
In stark contrast to you, I make hardly any money, make no effort to secure commissions, do nothing in the way of marketing myself or my work and never work when I don't feel like it.
Life certainly isn't fair, but luckily, it allows freaks like me to still play the game.
I wish you all the success you work so hard to achieve and to me, you're a huge success already. I hope you do, too.
Have a great week!

Jeanette Jobson said...

Hi Gary. And very good to know you're still alive!

The difference between our outlook on art is that besides enjoying it, I also need to do it to make money. Either that or sling burgers for a living. :) My "retirement" isn't retirement, there is no pension fund topping up my bank account. Its a change of job until I decide I want the government to chip in with some pension assistance.

Bills provide wonderful motivation for production. Like any job, you turn up and do, even if you don't want to. The day may not be as productive, but you're there and trying. And yes, its darned hard work!

I love being an artist and feel great that it does give me more freedom to create and the opportunity to meet other artists, visit galleries, expand my reach - but it is a job, not just something I do when I'm in the mood.

Of course we all have different reasons why we paint and the enjoyment that we get from it it a huge part. Embrace and love the reason why you paint and let it happen when life lets you.

Having said all that (phew!) I now have to pick up paintings from the framer, head down the coast to deliver them to a gallery, then head home and finally get to paint. :)

Jennifer Rose said...

you make me feel lazy :p

seriously tho, you are a great example of what an artist is and not what a lot of people think artists are

Jeanette Jobson said...

It sounds like a lot and some days it is, but I pace myself and it spreads out over time with periods of chaos before gallery openings or shows.

Being an artist is like any entreprenuerial job. It takes a certain mindset and determination to get things done. Because, let's face it, if I don't do it, who will?

But the perks are great. :)

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