Monday, September 07, 2015

Labour Day for artists

Home Port

 24" x 30" oil

For artists that work full time in the profession, Labour Day (or many other holidays, statutory or otherwise) tend not to exist.  Oh they exist in the day to day world with store closures and public building shutdowns and well deserved some of these holidays are for those in a 9 -5 job.  Artists, like many other workers outside the 9 - 5 realm, tend to work through holidays, unless prearranged plans prevail.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking holidays, I'm all for having a break from work, its needed to refresh and unwind.  But if you're self employed, holidays are a bit iffy.  I always seem to find myself in the studio at some point in the day, no matter what day it is.  Yes, even Christmas.  Especially Christmas! Its a refuge from the madness. :)

Its part habit, part necessity.  Yes, an artist can take a day off, but usually feels guilty if they do and has that niggling feeling all day about the current project and what needs to be done with it.  Inevitably, its an "I'll just go to the studio for 10 minutes." Which turns into 2 hours or more.  There should be no guilt taken about when or if you take a day off.  It doesn't have to be on the day designated for the rest of the world.  In fact, taking a day mid week is wonderful, as everything's much quieter then.

But even then, I'll bet most artists will still find their way into their studio at some point unless they are physically distant from the location.

Whatever your job, whenever you take your break, enjoy it, indulge and if you work, make sure you enjoy what you do.


Sherrie Roberts said...

Me Too! Mom, no Holidays! Now, I have Chewbacca- The Doggie, with the Waggaliee Tail!
Always the "Battery Bunny Rabbit"!

RH Carpenter said...

I have been using the time to work on a series so in the art room (cannot call my little bit of floor space a studio!) and on the computer searching for reference photos - just another weekend but there does seem to be a sense of extra time, too. I know you are a tremendously diligent working artist and hope your weekend brought much sucess to whatever you attempted.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

"But even then, I'll bet most artists will still find their way into their studio at some point unless they are physically distant from the location"

so very very true lol :D

if i'm not doing physical work, its digital. John says I'm a workoholic...yeah probably but it doesnt feel like work which is part of the problem :p

Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Jeanette,
Well said! I hope a few of your non-artist friends, or for that matter, all "civilians" take a look at this post. It may go a long way to correcting the many misconceptions associated with what professional artists, like you, do.
So, enjoy whatever day you choose to take off, whenever you have the opportunity. :))

Jeanette Jobson said...

Sherrie, it takes energy and determination doesn't it? Good that you have a companion to keep you motivated!

Rhonda, any area that's dedicated to art is a studio. Like you, I spent time researching, painting, and doing other art related functions. Yes, there's a sense of free time on holidays, but a sense of urgency too.

I hear you Jen, work is second nature to me, almost like breathing. You too it sounds like. I agree its not like work. You just do it.

Gary, I am a bit of a workaholic, but if self employed its a requirement of the job. If I don't watch it, no one else will! Having said that, new new pastime is napping in the afternoon. :) Is that classed as holiday?? Hope your long weekend was pleasant.