Saturday, December 05, 2015

Eclectic Eight

The opening takes place tonight (December 5th) for a group exhibition I am taking part in.  Three boat paintings will make their debut at the gallery and I'll be in the company of seven other artists showing a wide range of subjects and styles.  The opening reception is at Peter Lewis Gallery from 7 - 9 pm Saturday December 5th and I'd love to see you there.

Tethered  16" x 20

The exhibition runs until December 19th and is a perfect lead up to the Christmas season. What better way to spend a winter's evening but with a glass of wine, art conversation and beautiful paintings? While many of my paintings can be seen online, there really is no comparison to seeing a piece in person under the wonderful gallery lighting.   The colours are more intense and the subtle value changes can be seen more clearly. 

Meanwhile I'm just about ready for the what is becoming "annual" Painting Christmas workshop which will take place tomorrow.  I've put up a tree (the earliest time ever in my life!) and its looking festive.  Even the weather added some snow yesterday to add to the seasonal feel. Lots of learning and painting will take place in addition to a delicious three course home cooked lunch with wine.  It may be difficult to get that afternoon painting in after that!


Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Jeanette,
Your marketing skills are the BEST. Seeing your work in the upcoming show was pretty enticing, but the photo of your beautifully decorated Christmas tree and the Siren's Song lure of that lunch and wine really had me thinking about a plane ticket and visa. mentioned snow. I came crashing down to earth and the fact that I don't have a single stitch of clothing even remotely appropriate for such weather. You just had to say that word.
There was a Christmas Parade here this evening, and the ceremonial lighting of a huge Norfolk pine at city hall. I was really getting in the (Hawaiian) spirit and reading your post was the icing on the gingerbread.
I wish you All The Best this Christmas and hope you have a wonderfully busy New Year in your studio, as well as, galleries, classes and demonstrations.

RH Carpenter said...

You are absolutely one of the best at marketing and sharing your work around with gallery shows, workshops, etc. LOVE that boat painting - the texture gets me every time with your palette knife works. Best wishes on the show and everything else running up to Christmas :) May Santa bring you lots of sales!

Jeanette Jobson said...

Hi Gary
I think marketing probably makes up to 50% of art. Its that "if a tree falls in the forest..." scenario. If you paint something and no one knows about it, does it exist??

Ah yes, the lunch - there always appeal in sitting down with new and old friends talking about art and life and relaxing between sessions of creation. Well, yes, there is snow. Its early this year with nearly 30cm of it the other day! As you may know I'm not a winter person. Its only good if you're inside by the fire looking out at it in my opinion.

I'd love to see the Hawaiian version of Christmas. Somehow Santa in shorts would see a bit odd. But I think I would adapt to it quickly.

Very best wishes to you and Michele for a enjoyable Christmas and keep taking those photos. I can live my Hawaiian dream vicariously through you guys. :)

Jeanette Jobson said...

Its a full time job with the marketing isn't it? But I chip away at it and have some successes, some failures but always learn from it.

The pieces always look so much more vibrant in a gallery setting. The colours glow under the lights and that can never be duplicated through a computer screen unfortunately.

The opening was busy last night but not many sales. I find that openings can be like that sometimes, you never know who will walk through the door. So crossing fingers that there are more sales before Christmas.

I hope you find new art goodies under your tree this year. Are you hoping for anything new and interesting?