Sunday, March 13, 2016

Cloudy with a chance of rain

 Cloudy With a Chance of Rain
6" x 6"  oil on panel

Clouds are so forgiving to paint and the colours that can be found in them make them interesting subjects.  Like all subjects, looking for the overall shape, noting values and hues and where they change is vital to make a cloud look like, well, a cloud!   Clouds such as this stratocumulus have wispy edges where some of the sky can be seen, while the body of the cloud has a denser look and the form is achieved through colour and value change.

Living on an island in the Atlantic, there's no shortage of clouds and "cloudy with a chance of rain" (or flurries) is pretty common in the forecast, so models are never far away.

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Sue Pownall said...

Beautiful painting I like the colours you have got in the cloud.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

love the blue :)

I need to get some more sky and cloud photos here not that its starting to get warmer so I can paint them

Jeanette Jobson said...

Thank you Sue. There are endless colours to create within clouds.

My favourite colour Jen. It was getting a little spring like but today changed that with snow. Yuck. However, clouds are always plentiful here.

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