Friday, February 03, 2017

American Red 242

 American Red 242 - SOLD
11 x 14"  oil on cradled wood panel

I love the character of old wooden boats, especially those that show their age.  Its the same with people.  Shiny, perfect anything, outside a newborn baby seems artificial in some ways.  Its as if the truth is being hidden from view.

With boats, a shiny coat of paint masks the knocks and marks of time and journeys which make its stories even more interesting. Pretending that life hasn't happened diminishes their value in my eyes.

American Red 242 is the name of a Newfoundland Heritage paint.  This colour has been used on boats and doors and fences since before I have had memory.  My mother's door and fence were this colour; my grandmother's door and fence were this colour.  Perhaps it doesn't fade quickly.  And judging by the boat in the painting, it is holding some colour despite the weathering.


Jo Castillo said...

You capture beautiful memories. In New Mexico the doors and windows are blue with the same sort of past history. Love this. (Happy New Year!)

Jeanette Jobson said...

Thanks Jo. I'm sure many places have historic colours that represent the past. Blue is synonymous with New Mexico from what I know of it (haven't been). The southwest seems to have a muted palette of terracotta and dark reds as well as turquoise.

What about other places? Is there a colour history in your location?