Sunday, March 12, 2006

Lost weekend

I have been holed up all weekend trying to catch up on work and drawing that is well overdue and I actually made progress.

Sometimes deadlines provide the incentive to create or finish tasks as without them I can meander and put things aside for another day. Today I made inroads on a number of creative and mundane tasks, mostly satisfying even if some of them weren't quite what I would have chosen to do.

One of my horses is the reference for a weekly drawing thread. Lady, a quarter horse is a beautiful animal, but rather tempermental. In her short 6 years of life, she's had at least three homes that I know of and some of them with less than ideal owners. As a result, she is very mistrustful of people, but slowly coming around. Here is the image that was used as the reference and a sketch that I started of it, but haven't yet completed.

I'd like to start this drawing again but in colour. I just need another 'lost' weekend.

I've worked more on the portrait of my daughter and am at the adjustment stage. I have most of the elements and tones in place but am finding slight adjustments to features or tone need to take place to ensure a likeness. Its always tiresome to do this as it becomes a little frustrating but it helps me learn to be more accurate and not rush my drawing in the future! Here are the updates as they occurred. You can see the adjustments as the drawing evolves.

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