Saturday, March 18, 2006

Something or someone I love

In another group that I am part of, Everyday Matters, there is a weekly challenge in drawing an item and then journaling about that drawing. This week, the challenge is to draw something or someone that I love.

That is a difficult choice as there are many somethings and fewer someones that I can commit to paper or words.

I will start with two images. One is the completed portrait of my youngest daughter. She is 27 now and lives thousands of miles from me. I recall good times and hard times and funny times with her. We clash at times because we are so alike and we laugh because we are so alike. I love her because of our differences and despite them. My oldest daughter is another of my loves, who also lives far away. Her portrait will come soon as it is equally important to me. As is her presence in my life.

Another love I had that I didn't know was so great until it was gone was my dog. He died 3 months ago at the age of 16. I watched him in the last year as his health faltered and old age gripped him. He didn't complain as most dogs don't, but stiffness and heavy sleep filled his days along with deafness and the cough of heart and lung congestion. I sketched him as he lay sleeping on the floor or the sofa, noticing how rough his fur had become. He had that 'old teddy bear' look and the same musty smell.

Once he was gone, it felt unbearable for a week or so, then gradually I adapted to an empty house. It is true. You don't know how much you love someone or something until they are gone.

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