Sunday, March 19, 2006

Illustrated journalling

I am experimenting with colour and loose sketches,combined with writing as I start a new sketchbook. I pulled out an ancient box of watercolours and tried my hand and learned that I am out of practice and that the paper in the sketchbook isn't heavy enough for waterbased mediums. I knew that before I started, but the colour won the argument in my head.

I think it is time I tracked down a source for a decent Moleskine sketchbook. I haven't found a source in Canada yet, but I live in hope.

Music inspired the next - Maria Muldaur. I usually listen to music as I draw or paint and today that jazz/blues sound worked well. I was looked at the cover of her cd 30 Years and l liked the freshness of the young earnest version of Maria. Sepia ink did the rest.

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