Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Digital art

I have a digital drawing tablet that I pull out from time to time and tinker with. I am still finding my way around Photoshop and similar painting programs as well as playing with other paint specific programs. The learning curve is similar to Mount Everest in Photoshop and as soon as I learn one technique, it slips from my mind like water down the drain. I continue to play with it and experiment.

There is controversy over whether digital art is true art. It can be as simple as a cleverly manipulated photograph or something complex with many layers and drawing skills requiring hours of time and program knowledge. So is it art or cheating as some people think?

I prefer to think of it as art, especially the polished, complex pieces. Yes, they are computer enhanced, but the colours and details and shapes are chosen by human hand in the same way as they would be if drawing or painting on paper or canvas.

Here is my meagre offering in experimentation. You can decide for yourself if it is art or not.

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