Monday, March 20, 2006

The force

There is a weekly drawing event on the forum that I frequent - quite different from the weekly drawing thread that I also participate in. This past weekend I had a flow of creativity.

Its difficult to describe. It is a feeling that transports you to another place and gives you focus and the pen or pencil or paintbrush seem to work effortlessly on their own without havng to put thought into strokes. If it were the 16th century, it would be called 'possession' or 'witchcraft'. Whatever it is, it doesn't always happen and Ihave learned that it can't be forced. It is either there or not. When it is, it is glorious.

Now having said that, it doesn't translate into perfection for each and every drawing and in many cases, they are still fodder for the bin or the fire, but at the time of production they feel good.

Here are some results of this weekend's drawing event. All based on Irish subjects and all done with pen and ink - koh-i-noor nexus - sepia and coloured ink.

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