Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Well another blizzard is forecast tonight with 20cm+ of snow. Just what I need. The horses will never get out again poor things with all the snow.

The orphan gosling is still going strong, but this little guy has attached himself to me which is good and bad. I've put a little stuffed toy in his brooder box to keep him company while I'm at work but he's lonely and when I go into the room he jumps up and starts squeaking.I let him out to run around the living room tonight and he loved it. He follows every move I make. If I move, he follows, if I stop he stops then sits under the shadow of my skirt when I stand. Its so funny. Then when he gets cold I put him under my sweater and he settles down and has a snooze while I get on with what I have to do.

Yes I am writing this with a gosling asleep on my shoulder. The things I do for animals... Now what do I do when he grows up??

Thinking of eggs hatching, reminded me of this drawing of a pan of eggs, but they're not for hatching. It still does amaze me that the difference between using an egg for eating or hatching is simply a matter of applying the right level of heat to a fertile egg. :)

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