Friday, March 03, 2006

Time Management

I'm still gosling-sitting. I feel like Mother Goose. Cute as he is, it becomes rather like watching a two year old. 'Don't eat that piece of lint', 'Don't go into the kitchen', 'come here'. Does a week old gosling understand? Who knows.

As I sit on the floor of the living room, he runs laps around me, looking for all the world like a little wind up toy. He discovered the joys of water tonight, as in total body submersion. A tray of water in front of the fire and he was in heaven. It kept him happy for a solid hour. As I write this, he's sitting at my feet, like a well trained dog, peeping occasionally to let me know he's there.

Art has suffered this week and I have a few things in progress but nothing far enough along to share with confidence. I am still searching for the perfect reference for a female portrait. Finding the right image with the right lighting is harder than anticipated. I am now recruiting friends and family of friends to come up with something suitable. I have an urge to draw something early 1900s and capture an era of simplicity.

A sketchbook is always near by and I try to draw every day if I can. This week is the exception as I have been too busy with the gosling and work and life to dedicate much time to drawing. But I will share a couple of sketches done to keep my hand loose.

There is a weekend drawing event that I participate in when I can. This weekend is images of San Francisco. You have 30 minutes to choose an image of 16, or more if you want, then 2 hours to draw, paint, create your image. You can continue after that time if you want but you must post at the 2 hour mark. Its a challenge to see what can be produced in that time frame. Sometimes its a pleasant surprise, other times a disaster. Tomorrow I will try the images. I have sifted through the references and have found some that appeal. One in particular of Alcatraz in the fog with a sailboat drifting by. Very San Francisco.

Another element that I want to try is a 'sketchcrawl' Similar to a pub crawl but without the alcohol...well perhaps that is an option too. Might make for some interesting drawing and painting.

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