Monday, May 29, 2006

Ramblings and rabbits

I've had a very busy day at work with issues coming at me from all sides and never enough of me to go around. So tonight I'm a bit brain tired and there seems little energy left in me to write espressively. I drew a little throughout moments in my day as I find it relaxing. A little early morning with my coffee, a few minutes around lunchtime and tonight during a quiet moment. Then I tune out the television set that seems to be always in the background and lose myself in the world of pencil strokes.

I couldn't resist drawing the little (well rather large actually) rabbit that visited the garden yesterday. I'm still tinkering with rendering fur effectively. I envy those who can produce the soft likeness of fur through pencil, pen or paint. It is something I strive for. I do it in part, having more of an overall feeling of fur than a detailed view of each hair that makes up the coat. I think this is why I prefere drawing shorthaired animals.

From Chad Everett's Don't Back Down blog I found the following snippet of information:

"Stumbled across this link somewhere. It uses the Technorati API, and calculates the value of your blog, based on the value of links, according to the AOL purchase of Weblogs, Inc. in October of 2005."

Not able to resist pushing a button, I had to find out. Your blog,, is worth $18,629.82, according to the script.

Offers anyone??

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Susan Borgas said...

Jeanette I just had to make a comment because your rendering of the rabbit is gorgeous. I also have rabbits running around my own garden; more so lately with so many kittens about. It has been said that it means a good season. I hope so as my husband and I make a living from our cereal farm.

Jeanette Jobson said...

Thanks so much Susan. The rabbit was sweet, even if they're a pest sometimes.

I hope your season will be good. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. :o)