Saturday, June 10, 2006


The Wikipedia definition of compromise is this:

A compromise is an agreement (or proposed agreement) to accept a situation
in which the parties allow variations from what they originally sought, to
achieve a compatible outcome. Is also something that any involved parties have
to concede in something for the common better good to be achieved in an
appeasing manner.

Compromise is something that I seem to do all my life. I well understand that compromise needs to be acheived to get through life without war happening at every level, but to be honest, I'm pretty sick of it. Maybe its my age, but the side of me where my needs come first is becoming stronger and stronger lately. I don't believe that makes me a bad person, more like one who wants more out of life on a personal level. I want to be able to eat cornflakes in bed at 2am. To have martinis for supper. To go to bed at 6pm or 6am without question. To come and go as I want without being questioned. Is that selfish? Yes and no. Time to myself is precious and rare and becomes something that I crave which is likely what causes me to kick against the traces of compromise.

The mother goose brought her two goslings out into the yard yesterday to meet everyone. They were introduced to the other geese who crowded around like nosy relatives, admiring the offspring. Then the Muscovy ducks, B.D. and Buddy were shown the babies (at a distance). With their penchant for swallowing mice whole like slurping spagetti, I was wary of them around the goslings, but they kept their distance and Momma made sure they knew just where the line was they were to tow.

They next visited the horse in the field who ignored them entirely and probably didn't even see them, then it was off to the Embden geese to parade the tykes there. These little goslings sure do a lot of walking!

I did a sketch of the second pair of geese sitting under a tree trying to avoid babysitting duties this morning. Done in my Moleskine with pen and ink, graphitint and wash.

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