Saturday, June 10, 2006


I took Friday off from work to do some things that I wanted to do instead of working around what others want. Guess what? It didn't work. I still ended up doing everything EXCEPT what I wanted to do.

Well, not entirely. I did manage to get in a few hours of sketching, starting at 6am when I woke and couldn't go back to sleep. Early mornings are good for me for drawing. I enjoy the silence of that time of day when the world is just waking up. Living in the country, the sounds of morning are natural, until humans get involved.

A friend visited yesterday, another artist who works in different ways than me and is in the learning phase - aren't we all? She had completed a drawing course that didn't give her what she wanted in terms of skills and 'tricks of the trade'. We talked for awhile and discussed opportunities to sell work and the concept of me starting a life class locally. There is nothing close by and the life class that exists is on weekdays so useless to me. I am considering the option of a small class for drawing from life. A simple clothed model and artists paying on a drop in basis, perhaps weekly for 2.5 or 3 hour sessions. On top of that the coordination of a sketchcrawl to explore various sections of St. John's or local areas. I will look into this and see what enthusiasm there is for these ideas. It seems if there isn't an opportunity, you have to create it for yourself.

Today I will try to recreate what was in my mind yesterday in terms of doing what I set out to do -some sketching in public. Wish me luck! For now, here is a sketch from yesterday morning - my computer bag sitting by the fireplace. The perspective of the slate floor horizontally is off and I have straightened it since. Its a sketch. They are never 100% what you want them to me, so I'm content. Completed on Strathmore sketchbook 5.5 8.5 with a Micron .005, derwent graphitint pencils and wash.

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