Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Its not as easy as it looks

I am doing a portrait of a friend's baby. I have never drawn a baby before and there are challenges in getting the features correctly placed. I've made a start and I know that simply seeing it on the computer screen will ensure that every error pops up at me.

The baby is a year old now and I spent some time with her as a small infant and I refer to her as 'my' baby. She's a placid easy going baby with a willing smile, even though its more a quizzical look in this image.

It seems others have been down this road before me in varying forms...

After years spent dissecting the works of the great artists, critic Jonathan Jones decided to put his money where his mouth was - and learn to draw. His modest aim was to sketch a portrait of his 15-month-old daughter, but first he had to learn the basics ...

Wet Canvas provides some insight into proportion when drawing children and babies as well as adults and teens.

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