Friday, June 23, 2006

Portraits and art news

I've worked a little more on the baby portrait. The mouth and nose are causing grief and I've erased and redrawn them at least three times! I think I finally have the mouth right, but the nose still needs work. Then I'll start filling in tones to make the face take shape as well as the jacket.

Babies don't have substantial, concrete features to work with and I find it challenging to say the least to draw this. But I learn as I go along.

Wandering tonight I found the following sites on art news that led me off for an hour down many paths.

Artnews in Canada

Art Daily

Art News Blog

Art Knowledge News

The Art Newspaper

Arts & letters Daily

Artists in Canada

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Mary said...

Very nice baby portrait, Jeanette. I imagine that they are much more difficult to draw than people with well defined facial features.

Jeanette Jobson said...

Thanks Mary. I find it more difficult to capture the smooth, unlined surface of the baby's face. It takes practice I'm sure.

am-art said...

Jeanette - i love this just as it is! I think babies are incredibly hard - the proportions are different and getting that smooth smooth skin to have any tonal values without making them years older is SO hard.