Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Making time

I wanted a better likeness of the girl I worked in watercolour a few days ago and tried it in graphite. Its far from complete, but I believe the likeness is better than the original watercolour. Graphite is my comfort zone. I can control it and know what it will do. Watercolour I am still becoming familiar with and it tricks me more often than not.

There isn't enough time in my day - or night - to accomplish the things that I want to do.

Yes, I get a lot done. I work all day,b ut some days I just seem to tread water and not get anywhere with constant interruptions that keep me from completing a task. So my desk is littered with lots of different tasks at different levels of completion.

Life at home is similar. I go from room to room, doing little bits of cleaning or cooking or rearranging or washing.

Now I find its moving over into my drawing. I was doing ocmplete drawings and now with time pushing me always, I seem to have switched to little drawings or sketches. They have their own charm, but I want to do something significant, with substance that has completion all over it.

So over the last couple of days I've still done small drawings, partially finished and wonder why I can't push myself to tackle something large. Its all in the mindset I believe. I have the references, I must stop procrastinating and tackle something and not get sidetracked by the simple things.

I tried this family portrait from the WDE at Wet Canvas. The likenesses aren't as good as they could be, as the reference wasn't very clear, but I liked the composition and interaction of it.

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Mary said...

I love the way the little girl is looking. It is definitely your style and softness.