Monday, July 03, 2006


Artists have wild desires and a terrible hunger to achieve... Without it they haven't the juice for striving or loving. But desire also can make them greedy and turn dreams into unrealizable obsessions. (Eric Maisel)

About a year ago, I rediscovered art. It was such a strong part of my life for so many years but for a number of reasons, it got left behind. Lack of time, commitments to my children, no studio space, etc., etc. I had all the reasons not to do it and no push to do it.

What was the push to start again? Some came from within, some was external and I tentatively picked up a pencil again to see what appeared out of the paper. This was the first thing that I drew in nearly 10 years perhaps. It has just moved on from there.

I liked the photo of the two goslings sitting in the puddle, so decided to recreate it in watercolour. Watercolour makes me think, as one misplaced brushstroke can ruin a picture. I am not experienced enough in the medium to control the paint as well as I want to and I'm not experienced enough to trust myself with using stronger pigment washes to deepen the colour for impact. I know it is an area that I must work on. This one was created with a set of Winsor & Newton watercolours that I bought many years ago in London. The fact that I still have them and that they're less than 1/3 used shows that I haven't practiced much in this medium.

I will try to do a little watercolour sketch most days to try to bring some control to this medium.

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