Saturday, July 22, 2006

Water babies & heirlooms

With geese wandering around loose, its a bit like having small dogs in terms of clean up after them. So every few days the driveway needs to be hosed down. The ducks LOVE this task and either stand in the spray or spend their time foraging noisily for uncovered bugs in the water that leaks into the grassy hollows.

Today, this Pekin stood like a little soldier under the spray from the hose, unflinching, enjoying the cooling shower. They are such beautiful ducks, so white and such little chatterboxes. They are so amusing to have around.

While shooing them out of the flower bed, I discovered the makings of a nest that one of the ducks had prepared. Last night when it was time for the geese to go into the barn, one female couldn't be found. Her mate, called and called to her but she was nowhere to be seen. She was finally discovered sitting on a nest of six eggs under the trees, tucked into an inaccessible nook and she wasn't going to be moved. About 10 o'clock last night she appeared under the living room window, calling loudly and wanting to go in. Obviously, the good idea in the early evening sun turned into something not so appealing later at night with darkness and strange sounds spooking her. Today, she abandoned the nest.

There are some heirloom tomatoes growing in the greenhouse called Green Zebra. When ripe they will be a golden colour with deep green stripes. It is interesting to grow the old varieties of vegetables. They are hardier and less prone to disease and the problems that new hybrid vegetables have. I also like the history behind them, knowing that some varieties stretch back over hundreds of years in their ancestry and that I am continuing to keep their legacy alive.

This sketch is of some of the unripe green zebras growing still. I look forward to tasting them soon.

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jm said...

Your art is beautiful!