Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Some months ago, a couple of lost beagles arrived at our driveway, exhausted and hungry and scared. With no animal services available til the next day or so (its always a weekend), we kept them in the house. They were the sweetest little dogs and part of me wanted to keep them myself.

To make a long story short, animal control collected them but the person who did so also worked as a volunteer for Beagle Paws, as beagle rescue organization who have a 'no kill' policy and rehouse beagles,both in Newfoundland and elsewhere.

It turned out that one of the beagles had a severe bladder infection and was treated. Both the male and female were neutered and spayed then put up for adoption. I still looked at that page each day to see where they were going and if I should take one or both.

The owner of the dogs finally reared his head and the usual policy of Beagle Paws is not to return animals to a situation where they are caged, but for some reason they let the female go back to this person who paid $600 in vet fees before he could have her. The little male, who was my favourite, so tiny and cute, was adopted to a family in Alberta. Hopefully all well that ends well for these dogs. Now for all the other beagles out there that are caged, ill or mistreated. I hope they turn up at my door too.

For over 187 years the Royal St. John's Regatta has been held at Quidi Vidi Lake in the heart of the east end of St. John's, Newfoundland.

The Holiday is held on the First Wednesday in August - Weather permitting - with the decision made early that morning (if not it "goes" the next day).

The day is a civic holiday for the entire St. John's area and is a full day of Fixed Seat Rowing Races.

So tomorrow I may have a day off work - or not - depending on the weather. Heavy rain or wind especially are the prime factors which would affect the running of it. I usually don't attend any more. Its very crowded and I don't enjoy the jostling and noise. Its appeal seems to be that of younger children and older adults reminiscing of races gone past in their youth.

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Mary said...

It is a touching story Jeanette and so encouraging to know that there are countries that organize things so that these little creatures not go around the world hungry and sick.

"JeanneG" said...

Cute picture. Too bad they could not have stayed together. I am still having trials and tribulations with the one we adopted that is 9 mos. She is still suffering separation anxiety. She won't eat unless I am in the same room, and won't potty unless I am outside als. I don't mind so much except in the middle of the night and in my bed attire. Thanks for the comments on my sketches. I hope you do have time to do the new one. I just finished and posted my last two on the 3rd one. I can't seem to stop sketching now. Good thing I don't work outside the home at the moment. So far the scavenger hunts have only been lasting about a week each. Jeanne