Sunday, July 30, 2006

Choosing the medium

I have so many images in my head of so many different things in so many different mediums. As someone recently said to me, 'You have the makings of several art shows here, just choose which medium you're going to use.'

I am still finding my most comfortable medium, but it seems that each one I use is the one that I am inspired by at the time that I use it. But I keep coming back to pencil based work - graphite, coloured pencil derwents. I like the effects of them and the precision I can acheive too. But I do drift from one medium to another continually - pen & ink, watercolour, acrylics, depends on so many things and what calls me at the time.

I did a draft of a portrait of my eldest daughter. I'm not completely happy with it as its too small so I haven't acheived the detail that I wanted with it in this medium and I'm still not sure about the pose. It was difficult to get a good reference photo of her as she kept goofing around as I was taking photos so I had to kind of sneak up on her.

I'll keep working on it and see what comes of of, perhaps enlarging it to see if that helps with the image that I'm looking for.

The goslings are 8 weeks old now and this is their weekly update photo. They are nearly as large as the adults who are teaching them how to be just as noisy as they are and practice their mock charges at everything that moves. They still have their little baby voices which just doesn't match their much larger bodies. They made an excursion into the greenhouse today - not a good idea. They helped themselves to greenbeans and some peppers before being banished with great protests on their behalf, back to the garden. No wonder they grow so fast, they're eating all my food!

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Anonymous said...

Your portraits are fantastic!!!