Saturday, July 29, 2006


There are a couple of things in life that piss me off.

One is going shopping with other people. The second is having my weekend newspaper handed back to me in a dozen different sections all mixed up.

Today both of thoss things happened. I am sure that both elements are simply me being used to a certain way of doing things - a habit. I am fiercely independent and the older I get, the more I enjoy my own company and dislike having others intrude on my space and on my limited time. I can manage a few hours at a time but then my patience wears thin and I want out. I try to retreat gracefully, but it is never that easy without seeming impolite or antisocial. So I grit my teeth and let others envelope me in their activities and constant chatter. On the surface I make the right noise, but inside I escape to another place.

Having my newspaper intact is another habit. A paper in many sections is still a newspaper. The same information is there, I just have to hunt for it a little harder. So why does it irritate me so much? Simply because I am a creature of habit .

The painting here is one I started many years ago but didn't complete it. Its near completion but for some reason I just didn't get around to it. I always liked the painting - done in acrylics on canvas board, about 16 x 20. The boy is holding a kit - a baby rabbit and it was his prize possession. I wonder if he remembers that moment?

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Susan Borgas said...

I often think the older I get the more selfish I have become, as I now won’t be used up by others (was often the case) AND I don’t feel guilty one little bit about it either. :D

This is a lovely painting as well :thumbsup:

Jeanette Jobson said...

Thanks for making me feel not guilty about being more selfish Susan! :o)