Friday, July 28, 2006


There is something about drawing eyes that I can't resist. I haven't analysed why I enjoy drawing them so much. Creating that glassy, shiny orb that reflects light and shadow,with even changing colour and reflections attracts me continually.

When I draw a person or animal, the first thing that I start with are the eyes. If I can get them right, then the rest flows from there.

Today I came across a reference that I had of a lemur. They are wonderful, peculiar animals that to me look like a cross between a monkey and a dog. Delicate faces and the most amazing eyes.

The rest is history. I started the sketch in my Moleskine and wish now that I'd done it on some different paper as I liked the eyes. I think I will draw the lemur again and this time use colour. The animal itself is black and white with the most amazing golden eyes.

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Anonymous said...

the drawing is beautiful

Susan Borgas said...

I always think you see the soul through the eyes and it gives the drawing meaning.

Drawing with the eyes watching is company as well while completing the work. :D